Vampire Update

Nihilistic reveals details on the upcoming patch for and playable demos of the recently released supernatural RPG.


Nihilistic lead programmer Rob Huebner updated his .plan file today to indicate that the new patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption is just about finished and will undergo intensive testing shortly. The new patch will include a number of fixes for and changes to the game. For instance, the patch will let players save games anywhere in a level, name their saved games, and pause during combat. The patch will also include improvements for the game's multiplayer storyteller mode - including the options to move or alter nonplayer characters and statistics - as well as improved multiplayer performance in online games, particularly when played over a modem.

Nihilistic will release two new playable demos of Vampire next week. The first demo will include gameplay from the first portion of the game, the Dark Ages; the second demo will include gameplay from the later, modern-day chapter of the game. In addition, a revised version of the game's software-development kit is currently in development. The new version will include the .map files of the original game, and should let would-be level designers use them as a reference to design their own maps.

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