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Vampire Survivors Trailer Recreates Classic Final Fantasy 7 Teaser

The game also got a new sci-fi themed update.


To celebrate the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Vampire Survivors studio Poncle has put out a Vampire Survivors trailer that is a shot-for-shot remake of the classic FF7 teaser. The studio also dropped the Space54 update, which includes new characters, a new stage, and new weapons.

The trailer recreates each shot from the original FF7 teaser, albeit in 2D and with Vampire Survivors assets and sprites. It replaces the review quotes from the teaser with quotes from Vampire Survivors' Steam reviews. It also rearranges the original teaser trailer music by Steve Baker into a more Vampire Survivors tenor. The trailer displays "Only (not) on PlayStation," which the trailer description notes is "a sad truth at the time of publishing, not a statement of intent."

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Why make this little tribute? The studio said, "Because we had the original trailer on a PlayStation demo disk and watched it on loop so now it’s scored into our brains. Plus the team is extremely hyped for Rebirth. What better way to celebrate than with a trailer of our own?"

As for the update, the Space54 is a tribute to the Phaser framework, the original engine of Vampire Survivors. It introduces two new characters: Bat Robbert, who gains +16 MaxHP and regains 30% health after falling below 20% HP, and Space Dude, who fires every weapon every few seconds, regardless of cooldown. A new stage gives the update its name and is a tour of the cosmos. The update also adds two new weapons. The Pako Battiliar may retaliate against enemies when you lose health. The Phas3r creates thin damage areas, with high amount scaling.

Vampire Survivors is currently on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile platforms.

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