Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3.0 Adds Trippy Bat Country Stage And Some Boney Relics

You'll want to bust out the bat repellent for this update.


Vampire Survivors Patch 1.3.0, or "The Chaos One," is here, with new achievements, a new challenge stage, and a couple of new relics.

Developer poncle shared the latest patch notes earlier today, February 9, detailing what you can expect from the latest update. Be warned, however, that some of the patch notes are spoilers, so if you don't want to know what the new Chaos Malachite relic does until you find it yourself, maybe skip out on that section.

The new stage added into the game is called Bat Country, which is very simply described as "trippy," in the patch notes. In terms of XP gain, it's on the lower end, but there's a higher density of enemies than normal. You won't find too many light sources on this stage, though items can be dropped by diamonds when they're broken.

This stage is where you'll also find the two new relics: the Apoplexy relic, and the Chaos Malachite relic. The Apoplexy relic unlocks the Charm powerup, which increases enemies' spawn quantity for each single wave by 20 per rank, up to a max of 100.

It's the Chaos Malachite relic which has the fun stuff, though. If you're playing as Mortaccio and you reach level 80, he "morphs into a big bone boy," with his Bone weapon evolving into Anima of Mortaccio. Once morphed he gains +2 Armor, +1 Amount, and +100 Max HP, as well as fully recovering his HP. Anima of Mortaccio is similar to the base Bone weapon in that it fires out bones, but now they accelerate after every bounce. Large, spinning arms also appear around your character, which can occasionally detach and fly around to deal damage. You can also only obtain the Chaos Malachite relic as Mortaccio.

In terms of tweaks, items that aren't necessary for the Queen Sigma unlock have a yellowish background color in the Collection. The Eggman appears in Moongolow if you have at least one million gold, and the game should now remember which skins you have selected for each character. Also on the skins front, the "spoopyseason" spell should permanently unlock new skins for Mortaccio, Yatta Cavallo, Bianca Ramba, and O'Sole Meeo.

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