Valve's Steam Network Is Down [UPDATE]

Store, communities, and game servers currently unavailable.


Update: Steam appears to be back online as of 11 AM PT. We'll continue to monitor the situation in case any other issues arise.

Original Story: Valve's steam service is currently down, with the store, friends lists, and game servers unavailable. The downtime coincides with the start of the annual Winter sale, during which a range of games are heavily discounted.

Naturally, interest in discounts results in considerable network activity on Steam. Following the launch of the sale on December 22 the store was running a bit slow, so it is thought that the traffic could also be the cause of Steam going completely offline.

However, popular gaming network services such as Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network have previously been the target of DDoS attacks during the Holiday period. Valve has not officially addressed the cause of the issues or said when the service will return.

Along with the sales, Valve has also officially kicked off The Steam Awards. Nominations for this began last month, and now users can vote for a winner in a different category each day. Voting earns you trading cards. The winners of The Steam Awards will be announced on December 31.

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I wonder how many MILLIONS of people go on STEAM for the sales. Be interesting to know. Must be over 10 million, surely.

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Can't keep Steam down

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Good. Merry Christmas:)

Avatar image for Arsyad00

that was just a short holiday for them

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In other pressing news, I farted.

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@InYourMouf: What's the discount on that fart?

Avatar image for InYourMouf

@Mogan: 99% "off".

Avatar image for Mogan

@InYourMouf: And they say the flash sale is dead.

Avatar image for InYourMouf

@Mogan: It might be now.

Avatar image for luert

well kinda unexpected, I Don't recall steam going down like this often

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The crazy thing is if you have the steam controller you can't use that either offline. Just discovered this yesterday and they need to address that.

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@egger7577: You wasted cash on buying that?

Avatar image for luert

@egger7577: crap this is really bad

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So this is why I couldn't access Steam yesterday

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An internet service was down temporarily. This is exclusively an issue with Steam and in no way shape or form does it happen with anything else on the internet. Nope. Never.

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Xbox doesn't have these issues leave the sinking ship called steam

Avatar image for Neo_Sarevok

@PsychicKiller82: Hard to tell if that's sarcasm, but if not, you must be living under a rock if you think XBox doesn't have DDos issues. If anything, PC is the most reliable in comparison to Microsoft and Sony.

Avatar image for RadPro

@PsychicKiller82: Lol, what?

Avatar image for phili878

What did we learn kids? Never use some extra platforms to run games....Just get physical discs and play it as much as you want.

Avatar image for triplebullet

@phili878: What did we learn? Steam was down not even an entire day? Digital is here and has been for years now lol. This comment would of made sense in 2010.

Avatar image for RadPro

@phili878: Last time I played with a physical disc was when Mass Effect 2 was released, I'm not going back, certainly not because of a minor down time, lol.

Avatar image for Dogswithguns

@phili878: I think discs are dying slowly....

Avatar image for Keitha313

@Dogswithguns: Not for people in crap network area.

Avatar image for jinzo9988

@phili878: Because that's a practical idea for PC gaming in 2016.

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Made a commitment this year that I won't be buying another Steam game soon.....
until I ACTAULLY play a few of the 20+ games I bought during sales but never even installed xD

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Now were you able to at least log into the service to play your games?

Big problem is, unless you have steam set to start in offline mode every time, I never have actual luck getting it to start in offline mode. And even then, at least once a week it requires me to sign online. Think if they had a month+ downtime like psn awhile back, whew. You can at least play your ps4 games offline anytime. Not so much on steam.

Hah, and don't even get me started on Origin. Since the 'big' update, offline mode never works. Always says 'first time signing in, you have to be online' when I've signed on many a times in the past 4 years.

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@hazuki: my internet connection completely sucks, and i often have an hour or more per day with no internet, not to mention the last few months the idiot i'm renting from forgets to pay time warner so it gets shut off (i finally took over paying and take it out of my rent) so i've had days with no internet.

never had any problem with any game that isn't "online only" which is very few. (diablo 3, and adventure capitalist are the only ones i can think of, D3 being not on steam)

not sure why you'd have problems with it... i've played origin games with no internet as well, but that was a a couple months ago.

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@wanderz: See do you remember before origin did their big update, with the new skin and all that? At that time, I totally agree with ya. It was the best service, since it'd just work if you didn't have internet. Lord even moving games over, for say you're doing a new windows install, it worked wonderfully. Much better than steam even.

But then they did their big update what, october-november? Anytime my origin client knows theres a update, it won't let me log in offline anymore. Even if you click the button, it'll say 'you must be connected the first time you log into origin.' And its been like that ever since. Its not the end of the world now, since origin has dramatically fixed its network speed issues from even 2 years ago. Still can be annoying, if I'm just wanting to play crysis 1 some.

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@hazuki: Never had that issue. In fact I don't even know the time required to check in online again. You have to set up the games you want to access offline and you can play only those games you previously set up in offline mode. My longest no internet access to a game is almost three months without signing in online.

Of course I'm pretty bad att setting up all games offline regurlarly so when shit like this hits I'm not prepared. But during my 12 years on steam, the last few years, when steam is down it is mostly for 10 minutes at a time. It usually never is like psn or xblive that are atleast a few hours every time.

This time with the sale etc it was down for longer but as someone who works and have a family, this close to christmas I can only remember back with nostalgia the time I lived such a carefree life I had time to play games instead of dealing with all the christmas preps myself. So this downtime didn't affect me personally since I had alot more boring things to do.

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Bought Titanfall 2 Origin Key for $28 on Kinguin if anyone is looking for a deal on it.

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International crisis averted.

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Grid is on sale for under $4 on steam. Or you can go over to humble bundle and get a steam key for free.

Avatar image for wanderz

@gord0nd: thanks for the head up... only 4 hours remaining to claim that free game. :)

Avatar image for beantownsean

Might grab Dishonored and maybe Project CARS.

Avatar image for egger7577

@beantownsean: I picked up project cars but couldn't connect to the steam servers earlier to download it.

Avatar image for saturatedbutter

Deals not that good.

Avatar image for wanderz

@saturatedbutter: yup, the 'mega sales' bring the prices down to about the same as some other sites have their normal prices, maybe a bit better.

generally i only buy games directly from steam now if they are not available on the other sites.

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@saturatedbutter: Now that steam completely dominates the market, the need for huge sales has gone

Avatar image for Slash_out

@pspearman: The people choosing the price are the devs and publishers. Steam create the event, they don't tell what price to sell their games.

Steam is dominating the market as much as it did when the steam sales started, this has nothing to do with it. As times goes on we already picked the game we wanted in discount leaving less and less game we are interested in.

If anything the devs/publishers are picking smaller discounts for their games because their games have probably been heavily discounted on markets like humble bundle and the likes (ps that's also steam keys you get there... yeah steam allows keys for their store to be sold for a few cents) and now they want to use Steam's bigger market and the increased traffic to get some sales with a decent price (by that read "not pennies for their game").

Avatar image for Mogan

@saturatedbutter: The days of the mega discounts are over.

Avatar image for bfa1509

@saturatedbutter: They are either not that good or we've already purchased everything good.

Avatar image for poe13

@bfa1509: For me it's always the latter since a year ago. I just scroll through all the sales now and go "gee, that's an awesome price for a game I bought a couple years ago"

Avatar image for steamaddict

@saturatedbutter: Agree 100%

Avatar image for kanonym

Steam is back up suckerrssssss! :D

Avatar image for xantufrog

It's back! Throw your wallets at the screen and run for your lives!