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Valve's Steam Link PC Game Streaming Box Is Incredibly Cheap Right Now

Get Steam Link and a game for less than $17.


Those in the market to play PC games on their TV can pick up a Steam Link at a heavy discount right now. It's unclear if this is a price error, but a bundle that consists of the streaming box and an $11 game can currently be had for less than $9, although you will have to pay shipping.

The bundle itself treats the Steam Link as a $1 purchase--quite the discount, given that it's regularly priced at $50. With the game, Icey, being discounted to $7.69, the bundle's price is $8.69. Given this is a physical item you're purchasing, Steam charges for shipping, which costs $7.99. That brings the total to $16.68.

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Even if you're uninterested in Icey (a side-scrolling action game released last year), that's still an excellent price for a Steam Link. With it, you can stream games from your computer to another HDMI-capable display in your home. Steam Link is capable of running games at 1080p / 60 FPS, although your ability to do so will depend on your network. Valve recommends a wired connection, but you can use Steam Link wirelessly.

The Steam Controller pairs nicely with the device, but it's not your only input option. Third-party controllers will work, including PS4 and Xbox One S controllers.

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