Valve's Dota Underlords Has New Updates For Its Full Launch

Beta Season will come to an end, and Season 1 will start soon.


Dota Underlords, Valve's auto-battler game, will leave Early Access on February 25. In preparation for the transition from Beta Season to full launch, Valve made some announcements about the things that will stay the same and change.

Beta player ranks will undergo a reset (sort of). You'll be able to keep your Major Rank but will be reset to Minor Rank 1. This applies to all ranks except for Lords of White Spire, who will be reset to Big Boss III.

On launch day, a new default board will make its appearance along with five unlockable other ones. Players who attained Level 5 in Protopass and Level 5+ Beta Season players will also retain access to two Beta boards, The Path to Sunbreeze and Streets of White Spire. Level 5+ Beta players will also get a golden Ricky Ravenhook board prop. And if you happen to want another Ricky statue, you can get a stone version if you purchase the Battlepass.

Boards and wanted posters will now be customizable too. Players can get new board props by leveling up their Battlepass and new custom poster artwork by earning new achievements. If you're a Level 5+ Beta player, you'll also receive a Beta Season wanted poster.

Aside from new in-game updates, a launch party for the full release will occur on Twitch. It'll take place on February 25 at 10 PM PST. Check the announcement to see if your favorite Twitch streamers will be part of the event.

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