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Valve: We'd Love To Bring Half-Life To VR, But It Might Never Happen

"We don't have enough time or people; So we have to figure out what's the best fit, what plays to the strengths of VR."


Valve would love to make virtual reality games based on all of its major franchises, including Half-Life, the developer explains in a new interview with Kotaku. Programmer Jeep Barnett revealed that Valve--which just recently announced its own Vive VR headset--has already experimented with using Half-Life assets like headcrabs and machine guns in virtual reality.

Could this experimentation eventually lead to a full-blown Half-Life virtual reality game?

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"We're not saying, 'no,'" Barnett said. "But we don't know what the right thing is [yet]. Our most precious resource is time, and we don't have enough time for people to do everything."

"Would we like to make all of our franchises in VR? Absolutely," he added. "But we don't have enough time or people. So we have to figure out what's the best fit, what plays to the strengths of VR."

At the Game Developers Conference this week, Valve demonstrated a virtual reality version of its Portal series. You can read GameSpot's detailed preview here.

Also in the interview, Barnett reveals that Valve has conducted virtual reality experiments for its other popular franchises, including Left 4 Dead and DOTA 2.

"Is Half-Life a good fit? Is Left 4 Dead a good fit? Is a new franchise a good fit? I don't know yet," he said. "We're really trying to cover the broad spectrum of what we could do, and then we'll start focusing on spearheading that."

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