Valve Teases Possible Counter-Strike 2 Launch For September 27

Doing anything a week from now?


After initially being promised as a free update this summer, the official launch of Counter-Strike 2--a sequel to the iconic first-person-shooter--has not yet come to pass. If recent social media activity is any indication, that might change as soon as September 27.

Recently, the game's official X account posted a simple question: "What are you doing next Wednesday?" No other posts were made, and nothing has been announced by Valve since the post went up.

Counter-Strike 2 was first announced back in March as a free update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with all earned items in CS:GO carrying over to the new game. A limited test was offered to current CS:GO players, with invitations to the test sent to users based on parameters like playing time and Steam account status.

The first announcement also came with three separate video detailing major upgrades to the game, which were as follows:

The latest update for the Counter-Strike 2 limited test was posted to the game's official website on August 31. The post revealed a new map, Inferno, would be coming in the next update, as well as the new CS Rating ranking system.

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