Valve steams ahead to 13 million

Steam reaches user milestone, announces additional features and service coming later this year.


Online PC distribution service Steam has hit more than 13 million active accounts and is averaging more than 7 billion player minutes a month of online gameplay.

Valve, the Washington-based company which runs Steam, will be bringing new features and services to the platform later this year--and more "major publishers" are set to announce games for Steam "this summer."

Steam was first announced in 2002 at the Game Developers Conference, and now has around 150 games available for digital download, including those from publishers Activision, Eidos, Introversion, Strategy First, and PopCap Games.

Valve's president and cofounder Gabe Newell, commented, "We've approached the development of Steam the same way we treat our online games; we release something we've tested, we internalize the feedback, and then we release new features and functionality based upon the feedback received."

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