Valve's million-dollar DotA 2 tournament set for July

Gabe Newell confirmed that Valve's The International will be moved to Seattle and inside sources confirmed the date change.

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Valve's yearly million dollar DotA 2 tournament, The International 2014, will take place in mid-July for the first time, officials from several gaming teams and leagues told GameSpot sister site onGamers today.

Sources say that although the exact dates has not yet been finalized, the event will move away from its former home at Benaroya Hall for a larger venue. Gabe Newell confirmed during a Reddit AMA today that the event will be held in Seattle's Key Arena. It has a capacity of just over 17,000 for basketball games, and 15,000 for high-end concerts, according to the arena's official website.

With Valve's signature event to be hosted in July on the west coast of the United States, Major League Gaming's upcoming Anaheim Dota 2 event is in jeopardy, MLG officials confirmed to onGamers.

"The growth and excitement around both eSports and Dota 2 activity over the last year has been exponential, said MLG Executive Vice President Adam Apicella. "While we are happy to see the continued popularity and support, we are concerned that the sheer number and proximity of events can have a negative impact on the players and make travel difficult for teams to afford and manage. We always strive to provide our competitors with the greatest conditions and experience possible to ensure they can compete at their best."

"However, holding tournaments so close together puts tremendous stress on players and affects their overall performance. Although we announced our plans months ago, we are currently discussing the schedule with teams and reassessing our plans to determine what will be the least stressful and most beneficial for all involved."

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