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Valve removes Steam Early Access game and offers refunds after fans speak out

Earth: Year 2066 removed from store, as Valve says, "Steam does require honesty from developers in the marketing of their games."

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Earth: Year 2066 originally launched in April for $20 and its page has been flooded with messages about its lacking quality. Of course, Early Access games are not meant to be finished products, but Valve says Earth: Year 2066 crossed a line.

Here is Valve's statement: "On Steam, developers make their own decisions about promotion, features, pricing and publication. However, Steam does require honesty from developers in the marketing of their games. We have removed Earth: Year 2066 from Early Access on Steam. Customers who purchased the game will be able to get a refund on the store page until Monday May 19th."

This is not the first time Valve has taken action against a Steam game after gamers spoke about to voice their concerns. Last year, Valve removed zombie game The War Z from Steam after gamers said developer Hammerpoint was misleading them. Valve even said it was a mistake to publish The War Z in the first place. The War Z has since re-emerged on Steam the form of Infestation: Survivor Stories.

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