Valve releases Deathmatch Classic mod for Half-Life

The developer releases its updated version of the original Quake as a Half-Life mod.


Valve Software has released its Deathmatch Classic Half-Life mod, an updated version of Id Software's classic first-person shooter, Quake. Deathmatch Classic adds a variety of improvements to the original Quake, including updated textures, new character and weapon models, more detailed levels, and better lighting. The mod has been designed to match the original game's feel and speed, so players of the original game should have no problem playing Deathmatch Classic.

Deathmatch Classic is approximately 13MB, and it can be downloaded from the link below. It requires an installed version of the retail Half-Life game in order to run.

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deathmatch classic, a classicer, older than counter-strike, older than the street they say, no body knows for sure, you'll find out if you play the game, it's free by the way, so don't be afraid and download of the valve server, not much mb's and great fast fun

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