Valve opens developer community

Half-Life 2 developer gathers modders, mappers, and modelers for "how-tos" and online discussion.


The tight bond between avid underground game developers and modders has gotten a bit cozier thanks to Valve. The Half-Life 2 publisher has opened up a Web site devoted to establishing a community among gamers with an interest in tweaking the company's ever-popular Source code. The page is a wiki, allowing users to add and edit content on the site.

The Valve Developer Community is a community-run destination for modders to lend advice, search articles, and get information pertaining to working with Half-Life and Half-Life 2 code. Visitors to the site will find links to a number of sites with tutorials in the fields of modeling, programming, mapping, and more.

Since the original Half-Life came out in 1998, hackers have been working with the game's engine, spawning spin-offs, including the wildly popular Counter-Strike.

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