Valve Is Making Three "Full" VR Games

Half-Life and Portal developer is working on a number of virtual reality projects.

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Portal, Half-Life, and Team Fortress developer Valve is working on a number of virtual reality projects.

The company's president, Gabe Newell, confirmed the news to Eurogamer. "Right now we're building three VR games," Newell said, according to the site.

When asked about Valve's prototype HTC Vive experience The Lab, Newell replied, "When I say we're building three games, we're building three full games, not experiments." Newell revealed the projects are being developed in Valve's own Source 2 engine and Unity.

The Valve founder went on to say his company has working VR builds of some of its back catalog: "One of the first things we did is we got Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress running in VR, and it was kind of a novelty. That was purely a developer milestone, but there was absolutely nothing compelling about it, the same way nobody's going to buy a VR system so they can watch movies."

It remains unclear what the developer's three current VR projects are. It's also unknown what platforms those games will be playable on; Valve partnered with HTC to build the Vive, but Newell has previously said he believes exclusives, especially VR exclusives, are bad for gamers, and risky for developers.

"There are a lot of different forms of risk," the long-time Valve executive said in 2016. "Financial risk, design risk, schedule risk, organizational risk, IP risk, etc. A lot of interesting VR work is being done by new developers. That is a triple-risk whammy--a new developer creating new game mechanics on a new platform."

For more on Valve's dabblings in VR, check out our HTC Vive review.

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Avatar image for deactivated-58a52a206d377

Portal in VR would be amazing....oh yeah can we finally get Half Life 3 :/ jesus

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Spoilers, they'll release only 2 of the games and never finish the third. Maybe we'll get episode DLC for the other two games and then they never finish those either.

Avatar image for barcaazul

3 full games I'll likely never play then.

Avatar image for biggamerdude


Avatar image for mboettcher

You're saying three, but I'm hearing two.

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

Please don't be Vive exclusives! Port a VR portal game to psvr (and the other 2 vr systems)!

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

Why did it have to be "three" new VR titles lol

Avatar image for vilified_signals

I have something to say about Half Life .
Valve will never make it.

Because no matter what they do, no matter how awesome it is... It will never live up to the hype.
Your "god" Gabe Newell has even said this.

And now that's out of the way, all Valve is doing is cashing in on the VR trend (which is slowly going away... Like 3D did)
They'll be short, simple games. Ones you play for a few hours then never pick up again.

Why? Because Valve only cares about Steam and making money. They do not make games anymore.
They are not a game developer. They are game publishers.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

@vilified_signals: I disagree , Half-Life fans would lap the next instalment in no time even if it was just a graphical upgrade, not many FPS match it's gameplay , the only one in recent memory is Doom; so if we got more than that such as compelling VR gameplay enhancements, would certainly be fantastic.

Hype is just built up by people setting themselves up for disappointment , not much you can do about that, except maybe releasing an Episode 3 before hand , but again it's in individual problem , better to think every game will suck then be pleasantly surprised.

Avatar image for doublem-k

They said "three" someone open the champagne!

Avatar image for jach

I didn't know he could count to three. Maybe he was misquoted and he meant "tree", so Valve is releasing games about trees. Makes more sense.

Avatar image for y_m_o_

"Newell has previously said he believes exclusives, especially VR exclusives, are bad for gamers, and risky for developers."

....Looking at you Capcom!

Avatar image for amaneuvering

"the same way nobody's going to buy a VR system so they can watch movies."

That right there is beyond ignorant.

In the near future people will absolutely be buying VR headsets to watch movies. Or at least watching fully 3D movies in a virtual cinema, or however they'll set their particular scene, will be something that compels them as part of the total VR package. And, once people start really taking advantage of what VR can bring to watching movies inside virtual digital worlds . . .

Avatar image for jach

@amaneuvering: Maybe in the future, but we a far, far away from that. Even then, I don't it would succeed, because if you love anything about going to a cinema, a virtual version would be a gimmick to you and you'd just watch it for yourself instead, maybe enabling talk function with people you choose.

The much bigger potential is putting you in the movie world while you watch it. If you make an animated one, that could be realistic to do now, but again people wouldn't buy a headset for just that.

Avatar image for analgrin

@amaneuvering: In the future yes but right now movies on all available VR headsets look pretty bad due to low res so movies aren't going to sell headsets right now. Reckon that's what they're possibly getting at.

Avatar image for amaneuvering

One of them REALLY should be Half Life 3. And a Portal game surely just makes total sense too.

Avatar image for DanZillaUK

@amaneuvering: I hope it is half life 2.4 digital developers delux douche. Valve are missing a prime opportunity to Kingdom Hearts their fan base and rape their wallets for every penny inside.

Avatar image for everson_rm

I could see HL3 being a "showcase game" for a new tecnology. After all, they already did it with Half Life 2, when they launched steam. And look how that turned out!

Avatar image for skipper847

@everson_rm: To be honest I think it too late to make half life 3. Like he said it wont live up to most peoples expectations and most will be disappointed. If any I think he will make a complete new game just as good as HL2.

Avatar image for mattsaroni24

I bet Valve love you guys and others putting a 12 year old IP on any announcement they make, that's also unrelated entirely from that IP.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

Why focus on what the fans want when you can just board the hype train and easily make a sh*t-ton of money...

Avatar image for fibaglassmonkey

They'll only ever release 2 of them though

Avatar image for doublem-k

@fibaglassmonkey: So true