Valve Hires Psychonauts, Brutal Legend Developer

Brad Muir leaves Double Fine after 12 years and will start at the Steam and Portal studio in December.


Veteran Double Fine developer Brad Muir is joining Valve. Muir left Double Fine last week after 12 years with the company, and just recently announced that he will start at Valve beginning in December.

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Muir did not say what his role will be at Valve or what projects he might work on. Most recently, he served as project lead for Kickstarter project Massive Chalice (2015) and Iron Brigade (2011). Before that, he worked as a designer on Brutal Legend (2009) and was part of the programming team for Psychonauts (2005).

Prior to joining Double Fine in 2003, Muir worked as a gameplay programmer at Raven Software on 2004's X-Men Legends.

Writing on Twitter, Double Fine boss Tim Schafer said Muir's departure was an "end of an era" for the studio.

Double Fine's latest game is called Headlander, which it's working on with Adult Swim Games. In this game, you fly around as a disembodied head and take over enemies' bodies.

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