Valve curbs abusive Steam Tags after games were tagged with "not a game," "hipster garbage"

After people posted offensive tags and personal attacks like "Phil Fish sucks," Valve is allowing users to flag offensive tags.

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Only a few days after the launch of Steam Tags, the internet has found a way to abuse them to the point where Valve is now allowing users to report offensive tags.

After Gone Home was tagged with "not a game," Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP with "hipster garbage," and Indie Game: The Movie with "Phil Fish sucks," Valve released an update that should reduce these cases.

The update will allow users to click a flag icon that will appear next to every tag, which will downvote it. Valve said that right now there are four reasons to report a tag: Either it's offensive/abusive, not appropriate for the game or product, not helpful, or contains a spoiler. The update also fixed an issue where swear words appeared unfiltered in some places.

In general, Valve explained, a tag needs to be applied by more users before it will appear in the popular tags sections. At the moment, Gone Home is still tagged with "Walking Simulator."

Unlike the Steam review system that allows you to review only games you've played, anyone can tag any game.

Valve launched the beta for the new tagging feature on Steam earlier this week. It allows users to add text tags to individual games and software on their associated Steam Store pages.

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