Valve builds up Steam

Half-Life 2 developer partnering with Limelight Networks to upgrade its online delivery service.


Just a few days after Cyber X Games organizers blamed Steam problems for scuttling its Counter-Strike tournament, Valve has announced it upgrading its online delivery service. Helping out the Half-Life 2 developer is Limelight Networks, a Tempe, Arizona-based digital network provider.

According to a joint release from the company, Limelight will host Valve's Steam platform servers and help distribute its online content via its digital network. Currently, Limelight provides digital content delivery service to, Musicmatch, Real Networks, and--of all things--Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville. "We selected Limelight Networks as one of our first hosting partners because they have a proven ability to deliver heavy media files quickly, inexpensively and with guaranteed reliability," said Valve founder Gabe Newell.

Though Valve did not reveal when Limelight would begin hosting Steam, it's a safe bet it will be soon. "With our current games generating more Internet usage each month than Italy's total online traffic, we know we have demanding customers. As we approach the [April] release of Half-Life 2, we are anticipating increased usage," said Newell.

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