Valve and HTC's Virtual Reality Headset Retail Version Leaks

HTC has not confirmed whether these images are genuine.


2016 is looking to be the year of virtual reality with three headsets set to release by the end of June. And now it seems we can see what the final consumer version of the HTC Vive has been revealed.

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According to a couple of investigative Reddit users, pictures of the HTC Vive and controllers were leaked early from the company's website. The Vive headset looks similar, yet much smoother than its devkit counterpart. The controllers, on the other hand, look drastically different.

These images have not been confirmed by HTC as genuine, though with CES 2016 happening in early January, it wouldn't be surprising if a confirmation one way or the other came soon.

We have contacted HTC for confirmation and will update the story as necessary.

The HTC Vive was originally intended for a 2015 release, but the VR headset was recently delayed until next year. Another VR accessory set for release in 2016 includes a stationary bike that has your pedalling through virtual reality.

Sony will be releasing its VR headset next year as well, but we'll learn more about the "what else" features, including the price, in 2016. Oculus will also be launching in the new year. While the price has not been announced, Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey says it will cost more than $350.

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