Valve and Adult Swim unveil new project next week

Half-Life developer and Cartoon Network brand working together on mystery project; Team Fortress 2 tie-in suggested.


The developer of Half-Life and the TV network behind Robot Chicken are working together on a mystery project to be announced next week. A promo page on the Adult Swim website is touting the team-up with a tease for interested viewers.

Team Fortress 2 is funny, but would it work as a TV show?
Team Fortress 2 is funny, but would it work as a TV show?

"Adult Swim & Valve are teaming up for something that you'll probably enjoy," the site promises. "To learn how their video game peanut butter will be getting in our network's chocolate, come back next week."

While the details aren't clear, a Team Fortress 2 tie-in is implied. Character art from the free-to-play team-based shooter adorns the page, and the site's keyword content tags include the game's name, as well as classes like "the heavy, the scout, the soldier, the engineer, the demoman," among others. Back in February, Valve teased that a "brand new" secret project involving Team Fortress 2 was in the works.

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