Valorant Won't Get Community-Made Maps For A Long Time

In a new video, Valorant's game director says that support for custom maps will take "years" to implement.


Valorant got its second new map a little while ago, but fans are already asking what the timeline of upcoming content will look like over the coming months. In the latest video from the game's development team at Riot, game director Joe Ziegler revealed some new details about the design process and theory behind Valorant's maps, including the fact that support for community-made maps will take a long time to implement.

In the video, Ziegler says that while the team appreciates the "incredible value" that community-made maps would bring to the game, building map-making tools and a platform to host the maps would take years. Knowing this, Riot has decided to focus on official content for the time being, i.e. designing new agents and maps.

Ziegler also believes that Valorant needs "a couple more" maps before the team feels comfortable with the game's map diversity, particularly when it comes to a competitive rotation. He notes that Riot previously stated that a new map will come to the game at the beginning of every Episode--which will happen roughly every six months, and consist of three "Acts" that are essentially competitive seasons--and that the new map Icebox "cut the line" by not adhering to this release schedule.

It's not clear when Valorant will next get a new map. Icebox launched in Patch 1.10, which accompanied the start of Act 3. Update 1.11 introduced a new Agent to the game, Skye, as well some changes to Breach that weren't initially covered by the game's patch notes.

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