Valorant Teases New Agent, Coming With Episode 3 In Late June

A very brief teaser for a new agent for Riot's popular shooter was shown during the Summer Game Fest.


Riot Games has teased the next agent coming to Valorant during the Summer Game Fest Kick Off, and based on the brevity of the tease we wouldn't be surprised if their name ended up being Blink or something equally snappy.

The seven second teaser video showed a helmet laying in front of a mechanical body, seemingly gathering a signal of some kind. It's unknown who the agent is, or even what their abilities are.

The new agent will be included in the Episode 3 update for Valorant coming later this month. This new agent will be the first added since Yoru, who was introduced with Episode 2 back in January.

Valorant is a tactical team-based shooter from Riot Games available for PC. The game recently celebrated its first anniversary with a special commemorative item available for free for members of Prime Gaming. The last major update for Valorant--patch 2.08--added Breeze, a brand new island-based map, with smaller patches since adjusting gameplay and dealing with bugs.

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