Valorant Ranked Mode Is Here, Details Revealed

You can now test the ranked mode in Valorant, to put it through its paces ahead of the summer launch.


The Valorant beta has been live for almost a month now and just before the weekend it got one of its biggest updates yet: the addition of a competitive ranked system, which was initially mentioned in recent patch notes, but not made available right away. You can find more details about how the new Valorant ranked system works in our guide. If you're still waiting on an invite to the game, check out our guide to getting a Valorant beta key drop from Twitch streams.

Valorant's new ranked mode will let you play on a more competitive level, but since this is the beta, any progress you earn will get wiped when the full game launches this summer. That means the addition of ranked is simply to put it through its paces. In a tweet announcing the opening of ranked, Riot mentioned it reserves the right to shut it off "if things get weird."

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Other updates introduced in the 0.49 patch include gameplay and balance changes, map updates, and tweaks to the UI and observer mode.

Valorant has gotten off to a fast start after releasing in early April, even ahead of its official launch. To help the launch happen in the best state possible, Riot is offering a bounty for those who can find exploits. For more on the competitive shooter, check the recommended specs, how you can get in, and everything else you need to know.

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