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Valorant Introduces A New Map In Episode 6 Act 1

Episode 6 Act 1 drops on January 10 and introduces new content to the game.


Riot Games has announced Lotus, the ninth map to be introduced in Valorant. In addition to introducing a new map, Episode 6 Act 1, set to go live on January 10, will feature a new battle pass and Araxys skin line.

Lotus will be a three-site map similar to Haven and is set in Omega Earth's India, specifically in the Western Ghats. The map will also have inspired traditional Indian step wells and rock-cut Dravidian architecture. Players will also be able to utilize new mechanics such as rotating doors, destructible doors/walls, and a silent drop on Lotus.

Lotus will be the ninth map in Valorant.
Lotus will be the ninth map in Valorant.

The new battle pass will cost 1,000 VP, amounting to $10. Players can earn free rewards such as the 9 Lives Classic Gun Skin, Big Announcement Gun Buddy, PlayZilla Dan Card, and the Shock Heart Spray. Those who purchase the battle pass can earn items such as the Venturi Vandal, Venturi Knife, Rift Rider Card, Perfectly Roasted Spray, and Folded Wish Gun Buddy.

Players can earn a series of rewards from the battle pass.
Players can earn a series of rewards from the battle pass.

Lastly, the Araxys weapons will be getting a new skin bundle that'll feature the following items for 8,700 VP:

  • Araxys Vandal
  • Araxys Operator
  • Araxys Shorty
  • Araxys Bulldog
  • Araxys Bio Harvester (melee)
  • Araxys Gun Buddy
  • Araxys Card
  • Araxys Spray

There'll also be a series of levels and variants for the Araxys guns and melee. Listed below are all the levels and valiant unlocks for the guns:

  • Level 1 - Custom model, bullets, and ADS reticle
  • Level 2 - Custom firing audio and visual effects (muzzle flash)
  • Level 3 - Custom equip, reload, inspect, and idle animations, visual effects, and audio (including firing audio)
  • Level 4 - Finisher and Kill Banner
  • Variant 1 - Purple Variant (with Purple Finisher and Kill Banner)
  • Variant 2 - Black/Red Variant (with Black/Red Finisher and Kill Banner)
  • Variant 3 - Gray Variant (with Gray Finisher and Kill Banner)

Listed below are all the level and variant unlocks for the Araxys melee:

  • Level 1 - Custom Model
  • Level 2 - Custom equip and swipe animations, VFX, and audio
  • Variant 1 - Purple Variant
  • Variant 2 - Black/Red Variant
  • Variant 3 - Gray Variant

Valorant is a free-to-play PC game and can be downloaded from the official Valorant website.

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