Valorant Gets A Speedster With Episode 4's New Agent, Neon

We'll likely see more of Neon at the end of Valorant's current Act on January 10.


The latest Valorant Agent to be revealed by Riot Games is Neon. The electric Agent was shared with us in a trailer posted by Riot on January 5, displaying that the colorful character will be sliding onto our screens soon as Episode 3 ends on January 10.

More information about Neon and her abilities is yet to be revealed, with the trailer giving fans some indication of what she might be capable of. First and foremost, it's clear to see that the Manila-born Agent has the power of electricity on her side, as she sprints about with lightning following her tracks.

We can only make assumptions about Neon's abilities for now, but it looks like the character will share similarities with Jett and Phoenix in terms of agility and her control of the map. Neon appears to have some form of sprint ability accompanied by a form of stim; we presume this may allow her to slide like Jett and equip her weapon faster.

Another ability resembles Pheonix's fiery wall, but appears to be more useful to create a protective lane for her to run as opposed to a deterrent. For a third ability, it looks as though Neon may be able to throw some form of electric pulse or grenade. As for Neon's ultimate ability, we can't be certain, but we are sure that it's going to involve lightning of sorts. With Neon sprinting all over, players are already questioning how Neon may impact the balance of the hero shooter.

Valorant's current Act is due to end on January 10, which means we should be seeing the new battle pass soon, as well as Neon herself brightening up our screens with speed and electric prowess.

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