Valorant Beta Invites Can Drop From Any Valorant Stream Now

Additionally, Riot has manually rewarded some of its most dedicated Valorant stream viewers with access to the beta.


The Valorant closed beta has been live for over a week, but there are still tons of people eagerly awaiting access, as evidenced by its record-breaking Twitch numbers. To address the high demand for beta keys, Riot has now expanded which streams get to drop invites for viewers and increased its server loads for the closed beta by 25%, with plans to grow that number even more over time.

To get into the beta, Riot requires fans to link their Riot and Twitch accounts up then watch designated Valorant streams. It was initially unclear how many hours of the streams eager fans were required to watch, when invites would actually drop, and how the selection process even worked. Riot has taken to its official blog over the last couple days to give us some of these answers, as well as clarify several technical aspects of the closed beta launch, including how its closed beta entitlements system worked in tandem with Twitch.

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Now, with Riot's latest update, fans hoping to get into the Valorant beta no longer need to watch designated Valorant streams to become eligible for a drop. According to Riot, "All Valorant Twitch streams can drop closed beta access," as long as the streamer is actively broadcasting Valorant. This doesn't mean the number of Valorant beta drops have increased, just that viewers awaiting their code can now freely watch any Valorant stream to potentially get on the waiting list.

Riot previously clarified that viewers had to watch at least 2 hours of Valorant streams to become eligible, and that invites were "weighted" towards those with the most hours viewed. However, to address the highly dedicated but "unlucky" few still without a code, and as a thank you to its budding community, Riot has manually granted beta access to the "most engaged Valorant stream viewers."

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