Valorant 6.00 Patch Introduces Lotus Map, Reintroduces Split After Tweaks

A pair of maps--one new, one reworked--highlight the next Valorant patch.


The next major patch for Riot Games's first-person tactical shooter Valorant is now live, and the update will add two new ready-for-battle locales, one brand-new and the other reworked for better balance.

The new map is called Lotus, which is the ninth map to be introduced since the game's June 2020 launch. The map features an Indian aesthetic and will feature three main areas like fellow Valorant map Haven.

Split will be returning to the map pool along with the addition of Lotus, and the two maps will be replacing Breeze and Bind in competitive and unrated matches. Split has received multiple tweaks since debuting in Valorant's closed beta, which include silent drops down Mid platform for all players as well as minor adjustments on both sides of the map.

The Valorant 6.00 patch will also fix over a dozen bugs, including 10 focused solely on the playable Agents. Killjoy's Lockdown ability will now take damage from all other abilities, for example, while Sova's Hunter's Fury will no longer damage an ally Fade's Haunt.

Valorant is available to play now for free on PC. Xbox Game Pass for PC owners can unlock all playable Agents by linking their Game Pass account to their Riot account.

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