Valkyria Chronicles invading in autumn

Sega's Japanese strategy role-playing game heading to Europe and America.


It hasn't even been released in Japan yet, but Sega has decided that Valkyrie of the Battlefield: Gallian Chronicles should get a shot at the European and American markets too.

Due for release in Japan on April 28, the PlayStation 3 game promises to combine real-time strategy elements with more traditional role-playing gameplay.

The game will get a name change for the west and become Valkyria Chronicles. The game is set in a fictitious continent that resembles a kind of 1930s Europe, which is divided into parts: one ruled by the Federation, and one ruled by the Empire. Now the Empire wants to expand its influence, and decides to invade neutral country Gallia.

Players step into the shoes of a character called Welkin from the Federation's seventh platoon as they fight a series of battles in an attempt to quell the coming invasion.

Valkyria Chronicles will feature real-time controls, as players strategically move around the environment to attack enemies. The game will be released in both Europe and America this autumn.

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