Valkyria Chronicles 3 TGS reveal confirmed - Report

Sega's Tokyo Game Show stage show page indicates the publisher will formally announce next installment in turn-based strategy series on Sept. 16.


Sega hasn't been masking its overtures toward Valkyria Chronicles 3 particularly well. In late August, the Japanese gaming press unearthed a URL registration for "," one that was secured by Sega. A week later, and the publisher began its formal teaser campaign for the game, launching the cryptically named Web site, but plastering it with an image that heavily recalls the WWII-set turn-based strategy series.

Just in case Sega's actual teaser site wasn't conclusive enough…
Just in case Sega's actual teaser site wasn't conclusive enough…

With the Tokyo Game Show descending upon the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, this week, it appears as if Sega's big reveal for the game is imminent. The reason for that suspicion comes courtesy of Andria Sang, which calls attention to Sega's TGS stage page.

As it appears currently, the page is in a .gif extension format, teasing a number of "Coming Soon" announcements that begin on Thursday, September 16. However, after a curious gamer changed that ".gif" extension to ".jpg," those Coming Soon sessions flipped to read "Valkyria Chronicles 3: Voice Actor Announcement and Game Presentation," according to Andria Sang. Sega has since corrected the reported oversight, with the .jpg trick now returning an error page.

The original Valkyria Chronicles scored high marks from critics upon its arrival for the PlayStation 3 in November 2008. Valkyria Chronicles 2 arrived in the US for the PSP last month and also received critical approbation. The game picked up two years after the events of the original, which saw the fictional country of Gallia sandwiched between two warring superpowers.

Sega's stage show listing did not indicate what platform Valkyria Chronicles 3 would arrive for. GameSpot will be on hand at TGS 2010 to provide updates on Valkyria Chronicles 3 if and when they arrive.

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