Valkyria: Azure Revolution Trailer Goes All Out With Magic and Mechs

Extended version of first trailer shows more war.


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Sega has released an extended version of the first trailer for Valkyria: Azure Revolution, the sequel to the PS3 cult classic Valkyria Chronicles. While much of the trailer is same, we're given more of a look at the battle being waged. Soldiers from both armies are shown engaging in gun, sword, and mech battles.

The longer video also features a longer version of the Valkyria: Azure Revolution main theme, which is called 'Aoki Kakumei.' You can watch the making-of that song here.

Sega has also released a new image of a city from the game. Take a look at it below.

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As previously announced, Valkyria: Azure Revolution is being developed by Media Vision, the team behind Valkyria Chronicles 3 for PSP. It is scheduled to launch in Japan in 2016.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is set in a world where the Rus Empire has rapidly expanded thanks to an industrial revolution. This was instigated by the discovery of a mineral called Ragnite.

A demo of the sequel will be included with Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, which will be available for PS4 on February 10 in Japan. The remaster will feature improved visuals, include DLC, and Trophy support.

According to DualShockers, the demo will include two missions. The first is Training Battle of Morda, while the second is called Extermination Battle of Morda.

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