Valheim Reaches Nearly 7 Million Sales, And It's Still Growing

The popular Norse multiplayer game continues to strike a chord.


Valheim continues to perform well commercially. It's been confirmed that the popular Norse multiplayer game sold 6.8 million copies as of March 31, and it's expected to shift a million more by the end of June.

This information came out as part of the latest earnings release from Embracer Group, the company that owns Valheim publisher Coffee Stain. "This truly amazing game continues to find new players globally," Embracer said.

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The company expects Valheim to sell 1-1.2 million additional copies by the end of the current fiscal quarter ending June 30. This would bring the game up to 7.8-8 million sales in total.

Coffee Stain CEO Albert Säfström was taken aback by Valheim's success, saying in an interview that he expected sales to slow down, but they didn't.

"Normally you sell the most at the beginning and then it starts to taper down. For at least the first week, every day we outsold what we'd managed the previous day," he said in April. "It was like if you knock over a glass of water on your desk. Most of the water comes out in the beginning, and that's what your sales are like. This felt more like if you tried to tip over a bathtub full of water."

Valheim is still one of the most popular games on Steam, reaching more than 42,500 peak concurrent users on May 20, which is thousands above the numbers for more recently released titles from established franchises, such as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. That game is available on other platforms, too, however.

Valheim is developed by a small team at Iron Gate Studios. The team is now hiring so it can ramp up to support the ongoing development of the game.

Despite the game's huge success, it's still only available on PC. The studio has not ruled out a console edition of the game, however.

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