Valheim Players Use Ocean To Yeet Themselves Into The Sky

Players in Valheim have found another way to traverse the survival game's massive oceans: bouncing on top of it.


Players of one of the hottest PC games right now, Valheim, are finding ways to exploit the title to make new experiences--like using the ocean as a giant trampoline to launch themselves.

Reddit user HotGuuuuu uploaded a clip of their exploit: hurtling a massive longboat down a tree-constructed ramp and using the vast ocean as a springboard to catapult themselves into the air. The ramp is built atop a mountain, so you can really see the speed they accumulate.

Curiously, despite the ocean looking very much like real water, the longboat simply bounces off the surface as if it's made of rubber. HotGuuuuu bounces off the water's surface a couple of times, launching several hundred feet into the air, before plummetting into a nearby forest.

Valheim is incredibly popular on Steam right now, selling four million copies in its first three weeks and sitting at the number three spot on the top-10 played games on the platform.

The game recently received a brand-new patch that adds some improvements to the game's dedicated servers and makes wolves significantly less horny.

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