Valheim Is Exclusive To Xbox On Console For 6 Months, It Seems

September is the soonest Valheim could potentially come to other consoles, it appears.


The Viking survival game Valheim recently launched on Xbox Game Pass, and many might be wondering when the game could hit PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. We still don't know, but it looks like the soonest that could happen would be in September 2023.

An email from Microsoft celebrating Valheim's release on Xbox Game Pass recently includes fine print that states the game is exclusive to console on Xbox for a period of six months. Assuming that exclusivity period started on March 14 when the game came to Xbox, that would mean the soonest it could release on another console would be September 14, 2023.

Twisted Voxel was first to report on the six-month exclusivity period as found in the email. GameSpot has also personally seen the email detailing the exclusivity period.

Valheim having a timed exclusivity period on Xbox doesn't guarantee the game will ever come to any additional console platforms. There could be any number of reasons why the game does or does not release on PlayStation or Switch. Fans will have to wait for official word from developer Iron Gate and publisher Coffee Stain to find out for sure what's happening with Valheim's future on console.

Valheim was originally released on PC in February 2021 and it enjoyed great success, selling more than 5 million copies and surging up the charts on Steam.

The game remains in early access on Steam. On Xbox, Valheim is available with its own version of early access, called Game Preview. Iron Gate continues to work on the game and get it ready for its 1.0 release, but no date has been set for that as of yet.

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