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Valheim Enters A Foggy Swamp In The Mistlands Update

What are you doing in my swamp?


Valheim's Mistlands update takes its name from the games new biome, a fog-enshrouded swampland. With the new environment comes new enemies, materials, and items to craft.

To help you survive the depths of the fog, you may find friends in its unfriendly depths as well as new weapons and tools to help you defeat the creatures of the mists, including new bug-like enemies and a new boss. The update also introduces a new magic system. Consuming food with the substance Eitr can fuel elemental and blood magic. However, magic requires magical staves to cast, meaning you'll have to dive deeper into cooking and crafting to become a true mage.

Back at the homestead, new crafting materials enable the creation of new furniture. If you are settled on the coast or want to make the trek to the water, you can enjoy a revamped fishing system with new fish types to catch. In turn, you can cook new meals and new potions with the abundance of materials and food.

The update is currently available on the public testing branch and will be fully launched in the game proper at a later date. The game is available on PC Game Pass, the Microsoft Store, and Steam Early Access.

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