Valheim Dev Teases New Update With A Picture Of A Raven

Valheim has now sold 6 million copies and the next big update is coming.


The developers of the hit Norse multiplayer game Valheim have provided an update on the latest developments for the game and teased an upcoming patch. The studio shared a cryptic image of a raven to tease the upcoming Hearth and Home update--but that's all we have to go on for now.

A blog post from the studio starts off by confirming that Valheim has now sold an astonishing 6 million copies. Not only is the game selling well, but people continue to play. Steam's public data shows that more than 200,000 were playing the game at the same time today, March 19. That's around four times the peak concurrent user figures for Destiny 2 and Warframe today.

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The studio said developers at Iron Gate continue to work from home, and they are not allowing the work-from-home setup to slow down development on the game. "It has been a hectic time, but worry not! We are of course still working on the game," the studio said.

The team size is still quite small, and Iron Gate said its programmer--the blog post used the singular--is now working on fixing the "high-priority" bugs and other issues in the game. Of particular concern are balance tweaks the the "Deathsquito" bug, Iron Gate said.

Iron Gate said it's looking ahead to releasing its next patch, but it is waiting until a "Steam update" from Valve before it does this.

Also in the blog post, Iron Gate spoke a little about the Valheim development roadmap. The studio said it's now focused on play-testing and bug-fixing for game overall, but the studio hopes to be able to get heads down on work for the Hearth and Home update soon. A sneak peek image of the update has also been released, showcasing a raven in the cloud or snow.

"What do you think this could be?" the developers asked fans.

"What do you think this could be?" Iron Gate asked. "We have a lot of exciting things planned for this update, and we have of course listened to your feedback and suggestions, and can barely wait until we can show you more."

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