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Valhalla wants Devil's Third to be blockbuster franchise

Developer says it's planning to expand property to manga, novels, animation, and film, says game to launch on consoles, PC, digital devices.


Little has been seen of action game Devil's Third, but developer Valhalla Game Studios is already planning on it becoming a big-time franchise. In an update to the game's website, CEO Satoshi Kanematsu said the studio plans to expand the property into other forms of media, including manga, novels, animation, and film, in an effort to spin the fiction into a "blockbuster franchise."

Valhalla is planning to make Devil's Third a blockbuster before the game is even released.
Valhalla is planning to make Devil's Third a blockbuster before the game is even released.

Additionally, Kanematsu confirmed platform release plans for Devil's Third, saying that in addition to the already announced Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, Valhalla is planning to ship the game for the PC and unspecified digital devices.

Elsewhere in the update, Valhalla confirmed that all copyright, sales, and distribution rights to Devil's Third had been returned to the studio from would-be publisher THQ. This was believed to be the case yesterday, when THQ told Eurogamer it would not be publishing the game.

"To all our fans and members of the industry, we greatly appreciate your support," reads a line from the update. "Valhalla Game Studios would like to announce that after negotiations with THQ Inc. and with their generous cooperation, both parties have reached an agreement whereupon all rights related to the Devil’s Third project, including development and distribution rights, have been transferred in full from THQ to Valhalla Game Studios."

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