Vagrant Story Desktop Images

Are you excited about Square's next RPG from the maker of Final Fantasy Tactics? Check out some desktop shots.


Vagrant Story, one of the most highly anticipated Square RPGs in a while, hit Japan today. Developed by the team that had created Final Fantasy Tactics, the game features a terrific mood, and, in terms of the graphics, it takes the PlayStation to its limits. We've been playing through the Japanese version of the game and have found that it's nowhere near as short as previous reports made it out to be - after playing for ten hours we still have a good portion of the game yet to explore. It's definitely not short, that's for sure.

In any case, one of the great aspects of the title is the artwork, and Square has been kind enough to release some art in desktop image form. Some of the files the company has offered are definitely worth perusing for those of you who are excited about this game. The download page is linked to the right.

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