Vader, Yoda DLC Force-d onto Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur IV players have likely noticed a blank spot on the game's character-select screen, on the top row, nestled in-between The Force Unleashed's Secret Apprentice and console-exclusives Yoda (on the Xbox 360) or Darth Vader (on the PlayStation 3). That gap has long fueled rumors and...


Soulcalibur IV players have likely noticed a blank spot on the game's character-select screen, on the top row, nestled in-between The Force Unleashed's Secret Apprentice and console-exclusives Yoda (on the Xbox 360) or Darth Vader (on the PlayStation 3). That gap has long fueled rumors and assumptions that the console-exclusive characters wouldn't stay exclusive, and Namco Bandai finally confirmed as much today.

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Nearly three months after the game's July launch, each version of Soulcalibur IV will get the other version's exclusive character as downloadable content. Starting on Thursday, October 23, Xbox 360 owners will be able to download Darth Vader from the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 Microsoft Points ($5), whereas PS3 players can grab Yoda from the PlayStation Network for $4.99.

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ill pay 5 bucks for yoda i dont see why thats such a big problem

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My biggest gripe with the star wars characters is that they never allowed you to change the colour of the light saber. That would of been cool, what? can't they do that because of legal issues? it's just a colour ffs. Pink Light saber ftw!

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for 5$ you're actually getting more than just a character. New Character New Stage New Weapon unlocks for the character New Background music New Artwork

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I purchased and downloaded Yoda in my PS3, but I still don´t see it in the caracters list, any body knows how to get it??

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personally i dont mind paying $5.00 for yoda on my ps3. I am a big yoda and star wars fan as u can see on my name, and if u work for a living, $5.00 for a character that is very important to the game isno problem. So what if namco is making us pay. A business is a business and ur business cant succeed without profit and i think namco made the right the decision my charging us this money becuase these characters used to be exclusives for a different system and i think it was very generous of namco to let us have the other character to live that yoda vs darth vader battle in SC 4. Thumbs up to namco

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5 dollars for a character? screw this crap, im playing bad company...........

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What kind of BS is this? First off, the fact that there was a blank space in the selection screen clearly says that Namco was being very unreasonable and instead of giving you a full game, they give you part and make you pay for each part that is missing. Darth Vader should have been available to begin with, but that blank box says it all! It could have at least been 2$ or something, but no, 5$ for something that was supposed to be on the game. Such rip-off artists namco bandai! Before you know it, you are going to reveal a quest mode for downloadable content that should have also been in the game....

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well, I have a job a truck and a home and thats why darth vader is too expensive. If I didn't have any expenses, than I could afford that measly price, but I got bills Lord_PissedOffatLife! I would probably pay 2.50 for it though.

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i haven't gotten the game yet either, but i definitely agree with ivan_osorio and liferipper. it seems that vader should be unbeatable for $5, and i'm a big fan of customization.

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I agree with "ivan_osorio". They should release a StarWars related PACK with more colors and effects for light saber, pieces that could eventually form Luke, Leiah or Solo and more... 5 for one, that's just to darn much!

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I agree with "ivan_osorio". They should release a StarWars related PACK with more colors and effects for light saber, pieces that could eventually form Luke, Leiah or Solo and more...

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alright, u retards at namco....... you guys really need to let us have this for free. i mean sure, it would be cool to have yoda for a dollar or 2, but for 5 bucks?! this economy is going down and we need to be considerate, and actually help one another! i am like any other gamer out there! but 5 bucks?! come on!

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I don't have Soulcalibur IV yet, but my friend told me Darth Vader sucks.

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5$ ain't much, but I don't want to pay for a DLC just because they forgot to put them in the first place. That is assuming they did that accidentally and not intentionally to make some more money

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it's one character for 5$? rip off... the should have put it for free

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u guys r so cheap its not even funny i probabaly could dig up 5 bucks out of my azz and "the principle" (megatomm) is that its no big deal mayb they just wanted to see which character would be more preffered by seeing the number each console sold ever think about that?

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even if it was 1$ ,, what's the point in adding it for money .?? ,, stupid.

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Wow, that's expensive.

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The problem with this sort of pay-for-content arrangement is that once other companies start following suit, you will be paying full price for almost-complete games, and then 10-20% more for the rest of the game. It's not like we'll ever know if the developers had to put in "extra" effort to bring us the "extra" content. Mappers create a dozen multiplayer maps? Ship 8 with the game, we'll sell the other four later. Exclusive characters for your fighting game? After the game has saturated the market (including those who bought both to have all the characters) go ahead and unlock the other version's exclusive for a modest fee. Licensed 100 songs for a music game? Why not split that into 2 major releases and five downloadable packs? It sucks, but game companies want as much money as possible. As consumers we have to be careful what sorts of behavior we encourage... this could be a slippery slope.

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why we have to pay for a content they have to include in the game for first, if they think this before launch the game it can be come for free.

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Like hell I'm going to pay 5 bucks for ONE character when a whole weapons or costumes pack costs 2... if they were to release a star wars related PACK (with more colors and effects for light saber, pieces that could eventually form Luke, Leiah or Solo, etc...) that would be cool, but 5 bucks for one character just seems outrageous.

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I think it's nice that namco actually thinks I'm gonna pay 5 bucks for Yoda to be rehashed onto a game he was axed from. Personally they should've added character creation with the apprentice and vader skills as well as give you an extra stage or something for 5 bucks, but they'll probably have that in a bundle pack wrapped nice and tight for the holidays. Hope you got some lube ready.

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Way to go namco. you've reached a new low and probaly lost alot of fans, i know you lost me.

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Addendum: I have a question for everyone: suppose Namco Bandai were to re-release SC2 with only Spawn (since he was Xbox's exclusive character) and you eventually had to pay extra to use Link and Heihachi. Would you all be trippin' then, or would you still pay the extra funds to obtain the extra characters?

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I dunno about anyone else, but I love to accessorize my 360, and that includes the games I play. Having said that, I'll happily pay a simple $5 for everyone's favorite Dark Lord. Since I personally love the game to no end, then I have little to no problem with paying extra for something that makes the game more enjoyable.

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Everyone realizes its 'just $5' but its them knowingly (with the obvious blank character select box) that this should have been in the game at launch.

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MadAirPsycho, its not the price that is bad, its the princible, $5 for one character? its like pain on the psn all over again lol

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Stop whining. $5 is a morning Starbucks. Big deal, I can skip one for Vader DLC.

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They should've included both Vader & Yoda in both versions from the beginning.

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i was excited about gettin yoda in the beginning, but now i wont even bother dammit! i'll wai until xmas to see if the DLC character will be free and THEN dl him, but if we still have to pay for him, then screw that!

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Oh no, not $5 how will I ever afford it. please quit complaining, I know people that picked up both versions just to have both characters, now that's stupid. If your like me and a stars wars fan first and a SC fan second $5 is well worth it.

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both characters suck i wont be dropping a cent on either

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Would they please let us use the lightsaber with other characters,and edit the starwars character with new clothes from starwars or anything. just free up everything! imagin making obi one, or make new starwars backrounds so they would fit in the game better.

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I do wish Namco would quit making me want to poke them in the eye with a spoon. First they delay Tekken 6 for a year so they can release it at the same time as the 360 port, now they want to charge me for something they haven't spent any more time or money developing, and which is most likely already on the disc. I love Tekken and SC, but right now I've love it a lot more if SFIV and maybe the next DOA treated us customers with a bit more respect and absolutely smoked Namco in the sales charts.. :(

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Awesome, I don't think I will pay $1 for Yoda but I am glad that you will be able to see a Yoda VS Darth duel now :P Mind you they should have just had them in the game in the first place this is just a way to con you out of an extra $5.00

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violian they created the entire game with all the stages and characters...then deleted Vader from the Xbox 360 and Yoda from the PS3......and now they're charging us $$ to put those characters back in the game! This is ridiculous. It's people who are charging money here and there for intangible things that are driving down the value of the US currency.....shishh...$5 for a couple megabytes of data.

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Bring back spawn!

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I will just wait about 1 more month, the characters will be FREE for the Holidays. I can wait, I have Fable 2, Fallout 3, GH World Tour, COD 5, RB 2, Dead Space to keep me busy until then...

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If you read through these comments, its full of 360 players who are willing to pay for Vader; and PS3-ers tho aren't willing to pay for yoda. Anyone else notice that?

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Meh I don't have SC4 yet, I will buy it when its dirt cheap and probably pick up Vader for 400 points, it is a rip off but there you go...

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a) this is too much money for one character b) I don't want to download a broken character (yoda)

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A: Why the pun? B: The only good Force user was the apprentice, mostly due to his cheap L trigger grapple. [Easy Ringouts]

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I heard Street Fighter 4 is coming out for PC. No DLC problems there!

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That's pretty steep for just one character. Namco is pretty bad about DLC...just look at Beautiful Katamari.

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2 much 4 1 character i agree 1 i tell u what id pay 5 bucks for let me customize the star wrs characters and the last boss. whats up wit that? y cant u make a created character using star wars or the agols style? now thats bulls---!i guess if u could then u wouldnt need to buy the dl character

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$5 for 1 character?! Sorry, i'll pass. I don't support blatant crap like this taking advantage of us

Avatar image for Noob_Krusher

Epic. I'll do it.

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$5 is WAY too much for just 1 character.

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who didnt see that coming?

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no point, maxi ftw. nuff said