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V Rising: How To Avoid Sun Damage

The biggest enemy in V Rising is the giant ball of fire in the sky.


V Rising is the newest survival-crafting game on the market and it has players both perplexed and intrigued at the same time. The game offers some tutorials at the start in the form of missions. Players must complete several missions in order to understand the basics of how to equip gear, heal, and build a starting base. For the most part, these tutorials are fairly simple to understand and complete. New vampires will start out scavenging for crafting supplies and end up with a full suit of armor and weapons along with a fully-functioning base and enhancements to set players up for the long haul.

However, some parts of the survival game aren't explained as well as others. One of the most common questions players have in the early game is how they can avoid the giant ball of fire in the sky that's causing them to lose health points at a rapid pace. The sun plays a huge role in V Rising and the game doesn't necessarily offer any explanation as to how to avoid it or why players are taking damage when they are out in the open during the daytime.

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For a full rundown of how the sun works and how to avoid it in V Rising, check out the explanation below.

Getting out of the sun

As some players might have guessed, the reason the sun deals damage to players the longer they stay exposed to it is because they are role-playing as a vampire. Vampires don't do well in the sun, as canon tells us, and this is no different in V Rising. If players stay in the middle of the sun during the daytime, they will quickly lose 10 points of damage every second. The warning signs of impending sun damage include small bits of fire emitting from the player's body followed by a beam of light coming down from the sky and the player's screen growing brighter. The game gives players around three or four seconds to get out of the sun before damage starts being dealt.

To avoid this, players simply need to get to a place with shade. Even if it's under a small tree or rock, as long as it's shaded, this will reset the timer on the sun's impending damage and protect players. Although, V Rising has a realistic clock, as shown in the top right of the screen. As the clock progresses, the sun's position in the sky will move. In turn, this means that places that were in the shade previously might not be in a few minutes due to the sun's new position.

There are a few ways to counteract this. The first is to simply ensure that you're underneath a tree or rock formation as much as possible. While there might be the occasional wide-open bridge that needs crossing, as long as players are quick enough, they should avoid any sun damage. Of course, if players choose to fight enemies out in the open, they might succumb to some damage if they're not careful. Enemies should be avoided at all costs during the daytime unless players are confident they can deal with them quickly enough or they're in a well-shaded area.

The Mist Brazier is active and keeping out the sun during the afternoon hours.
The Mist Brazier is active and keeping out the sun during the afternoon hours.

If players are back at their base and want to avoid the sun, they can actually build a device to make sure the area is shaded at all times. This device is called the Mist Brazier and can be found with the Build menu under the "Foundation" tab. The Mist Brazier, when given Bones, produces a mist that encompasses an area, which blocks out any sun rays. This should be one of the first items that players place in their base, as it allows players to work freely during sunny hours. The Mist Brazier only costs 120 Stone to craft and can be placed in different areas for maximum coverage in a player's base. However, players need to remember to stock the braziers with Bones, otherwise, the mist will dissipate and the sun will be free to shine down again.

Aside from the Mist Brazier, players can also build a roof on top of their base to keep out all sunlight. However, players won't get access to a roof until later on in V Rising, so a Mist Brazier or two is the best solution for the early game. Aside from that and keeping to the shady parts of the map, there's not much else players can do to avoid the sun. Sometimes, players might have to accept their fate if the sun is shining bright and they have nowhere to run.

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