V Rising Could Come To Consoles, But There Is A Lot Of Work To Be Done On PC First

Stunlock Studios' current focus is to make V Rising the best it can be on PC during Steam Early Access.


Vampire survival-RPG V Rising is Steam's latest breakout hit, and while console players may be clamoring to get in on the blood-sucking action, developer Stunlock Studios says there is a lot of work to be done on the PC version first before a console version can be a possibility.

"Stunlock Studios' focus is to first make V Rising the best it can be for PC; and as we've only just released the game in Early Access, there is still a lot of work to be done," Stunlock said in an official statement shared with GameSpot. "That said, further down the line we will look into the possibilities of bringing the game to console and other platforms."

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The game released on Steam Early Access last week and since then has sold more than 1 million copies. While there is already a lot of content in V Rising for players to sink their teeth into, Stunlock plans to add more biomes, dungeons, crafting recipes, castle decorations, enemies, spells, and weapons over the course of Early Access.

Stunlock's goal is to "finalize" the game and leave Early Access within the next 12 months, after which the price of the game will likely go up from its current $20. Currently, V Rising does not include controller support, which would obviously be needed for the game to come to Xbox, Switch, or PlayStation. According to the official V Rising Twitter, there are no current plans to work on the feature, though that could change, with the account also stating that controller support "isn't impossible, but I wouldn't expect it."

In a recent interview with IGN, Stunlock community manager Jeremy Fielding said the game's runaway success surprised him.

"I absolutely did not expect this many people," Fielding said. "I don't think anybody expected it to be quite this big."

Even after leaving Early Access, Fielding makes clear there is still plenty that could be done when it comes to adding to and expanding V Rising.

"I think that when we do get to full release people will really realize what our intention is in this being a fully fleshed-out experience," Fielding said. "And then after that there's still so many things we can do."

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