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UT2004 Mega Pack debuts on GameSpot

[UPDATE] Massive update for popular PC shooter adds nine new deathmatch, assault, and CTF maps.


Today at 12:00 p.m. PST, the Unreal Tournament 2004 Mega Pack made its world premiere on GameSpot. This new bonus pack adds nine new deathmatch, assault, and capture-the-flag maps for Atari and Epic Games' popular and well-reviewed PC shooter.

The maps featured in the Mega Pack include several reworked old maps and all-new levels--all of which have been polished into top shape by Epic's developers. A full list of the maps with Epic's official descriptions is below--those wishing to download the Mega Pack should visit the downloads page of the UT2004 gamespace.


AS-BP2-Acatana: "Intense space fighting and on-foot combat combine in this recreation of the historic Skaarj invasion of the Acatana asteroid belt."

AS-BP2-JumpShip: "Be part of the elite team that infiltrated and hijacked the first warp capable Jumpship."

AS-BP2-Outback: "City slickers just took over the outback's top brewery - get over there pronto and stop the production of their tasteless Zero Beer before it takes over Oz!"

AS-BP2-SubRosa: "Fight your way into a Liandri research facility and steal the original plans for the Redeemer."

AS-BP2-Thrust: "A recreation of the infamous destruction of the Saturn IX rocket where a team of rebel fighters launched it unguided and half fueled into hostile waters."

CTF-BP2-Concentrate: "Tall spires tower over this Capture the Flag battle set on a derelict outpost deep in the Elorean Seas."

CTF-BP2-Pistola: "This twin complex of concrete and metal combines the beauty of nature with the harsh lines of industrial architecture to create a fierce battle arena."

DM-BP2-Calandras: "The courtyards of Calandras were once beautiful and welcoming. While the Temple's interiors have been preserved, a new less-inviting use has been found for the exteriors."

DM-BP2-GoopGod: "For centuries the Nali monks managed to keep this sacred burial ground hidden until Liandri satellites discovered the location during a routine satellite sweep. The area was mined, and what remained was converted into a tournament arena, corpses and all."

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