US PSN identity-theft protection plan sign-ups begin

Sony begins accepting applications for AllClearID Plus Identity Theft Protection for PlayStation Network and Qriocity customers.


Earlier this month, Sony announced it would be offering free identity-theft protection services for the 77 million PlayStation Network users whose personal information was compromised by the service's data breach. The company said that US-based PSN users and customers of Qriocity, Sony's music-streaming service, would receive 12 free months of coverage in Debix, Inc.'s AllClearID Plus program.

AllClearID Plus should protect PSN users from an identity crisis.
AllClearID Plus should protect PSN users from an identity crisis.

Now, Sony has begun accepting sign-ups for the AllClearID Plus program through the official US PlayStation website. To receive an activation code for the service, users should submit the e-mail address used to register their existing PlayStation Network or Qriocity account. The activation e-mail should arrive 72 hours after the application is submitted.

The AllClearID Plus service includes an insurance policy to provide up to $1 million to cover the impact of identity theft, including legal defense fees and lost pay within a year of the PSN security breach. Additionally, the company will monitor "criminal websites and data recovered by law enforcement" for users' data. If that personal information is found, users will receive a phone call or e-mail notifying them and suggesting protective steps. Additionally, customers whose information turns up during monitoring will be able to speak with AllClearID private investigators and specialists to assist in contacting creditors.

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