US pro gamers to compete at EB Expo 2012

US professional gamers Navy Team of Stars will face off against Aussie challengers in Halo: Reach at this year's EB Expo.


Halo: Reach
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The Halo: Reach competitive gaming event Navy Big Game will be taking place on the big screen at this year's EB Expo in Sydney next month. The event will feature a competitive team from the United States known as the Navy Team of Stars, which will face off against a team of four qualified competition winners from and Xbox Live on Halo: Reach.

Are you ready to represent Australia?
Are you ready to represent Australia?

The event will be run by the Royal Australian Navy in conjunction with The Spaceship, a marketing and events agency. Players from the Navy Team of Stars include US pro gamers Dave "Walshy" Walsh and Michael "StrongSide" Cavanaugh.

Navy Big Game is an invitational tournament that pits Aussie gamers against international gaming personalities. Interested participants can partake in the event at this year's EB Expo by entering via the website or Xbox Live. Entries close September 30.

EB Games Expo 2012 is dedicated to gaming and geek culture, and will be open to the general public who purchase tickets. The event officially opens on October 5 and runs until October 7, giving Aussies a chance to check out some of the big-name games that will be shipping later this year.

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