US PC game charts: September 24-30

World of Warcraft retakes the charts; Company of Heroes, Sims 2, and Lego Star Wars II hang tough.


After a brief respite, World of Warcraft returned to the top slot this week on industry-research firm NPD Group's list of the top 10 best-selling PC titles. Not only was it the best-selling game in the US during the week of September 24-30, but it was the eighth best-selling PC software product in the entire country, just behind Norton Internet Security 2007.

WOW's gain came at the expense of last week's first-place finisher, Company of Heroes. THQ and Relic's glowingly reviewed World War II real-time strategy game didn't fall far, though, slipping just one slot to second place. However, that was good enough to best the double-threat posed by The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff (third) and The Sims 2 (fourth).

Another former top-finisher, LucasArts' Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, hung tough on the top 10, finishing in fifth place. Behind it were recurring guest stars Sim City 4 Deluxe (sixth) and Cars Radiator Springs Adventures (seventh). With its average selling price of just $9, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 sunk enough purchases from frugal golfers to stay in the top 10, landing in 10th place.

Returning to the chart this week was another LucasArts title, Star Wars: Empire at War (ninth). The RTS favorite landed just below another frequent visitor to the top 10, the Sims 2 Open for Business expansion pack (eighth).

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Blizzards going to have a representative in the UN at this rate. No, thats not gamecards. I offer trail keys...I get up to 10 requests daily. Come back and get your E-Crack everyone! For teh Horde!

Avatar image for _Sam_

WOW is back!

Avatar image for gertish

For the horde!

Avatar image for Mohamadouf

WoW .. south park really done the job ... i think it may score a new record this month. look at all those sims

Avatar image for Rangent

So glad to see Simcity up there. Great game, deserves respect.

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LoL! Great games ;)

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just pre-ordered the expansion on amazon...... i hope............

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LOL VegetaMaelstrom. But let's not exagerate. WoW is back on top spot but I don't think it will stay there long. Some good games are coming.

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Avatar image for VegetaMaelstrom

WOW is back on top? That means the stars are back in alignment and everything is good in the world again. For the past few weeks I was expecting armageddon to hit (not the new Mortal Kombat version, the biblical one).

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Love the South Park version of Warcraft, it got me interested in the game

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I thought Sim City 3000 (and obviously the original Sim City for PC and SNES) were the bomb, but I never did enjoy Sim City 4... what's the attraction?

Avatar image for anaximandergary

I'm suprised that SimCity 4 is as strong as it is.

Avatar image for daqua_99

So much of the same ... its a little sad ...

Avatar image for jedihamtaro

i think the south park episode of WOW might have pushed its sales

Avatar image for taytizzle

Those pesky Sims...

Avatar image for Martyr

at best buy there selling WOW for 19.99

Avatar image for MrOpinionated

Good to see Company of Heroes at number 2. World of Warcraft at number one is no surprise, since i've seen it selling for $25 in various stores. (it used to be $70 just after launch when Blizzard spent most of their efforts keeping the servers up)

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go Company of Heroes!

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

And once again Blizzard has captured back the flag...

Avatar image for LTM360

I'd say the Sout Park epsidoe helped a bit here. I personally; am stil playing and have no intentions of stopping.

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Avatar image for keyblade42

What!? Where's....? Oh these are PC games

Avatar image for TintedChimes

wow for wow, but seriously, are they time cards or the game itself, either way, its good news for blizzard, NOW MAKE STARCRAFT 2 AND DIABLO 3!

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Qiwihead, it looks like GamerDad was the only site to review that game.

Avatar image for LordAndrew

SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition? What the hell?!

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Looks WoW fan are all out buying shiny discs. As replacements for the ones they used as coaster after the their last dinner party. O wait, they don't have real dinner parties--only virtual ones. So why the heck the increase in sales. No wonder PC gaming is going down the tubes. They all only playing on game.

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How is it that Gamespot hasn't reviewed what must be one of the bestselling games of the year--Cars: Radiator Springs Adventure? I mean, it looks dumb and all, but still, you guys review every little Xbox Arcade title that comes out, even ones like Doom that are just ports of 12 year old games. Just seems weird is all.

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are these really new copies of wow and not just the subscription cards or something?

Avatar image for chessasaur

Are we sure the WoW sales aren't just for game/time cards? Are there really that many people buying new copies of the whole WoW game every month?

Avatar image for Thetoker789

WoW back on top...

Avatar image for Rej72380

Actually, cqdemal, Blizzard has the actual source code on their company computer. They burn the source code on thousands of blank CDs/DVDs, package it, then distribute it to all of the major retailers in America.

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Sim City 4? A three-year old game back in? And Tiger Woods 06, on the brink of 07's release. Weird.

Avatar image for cqdemal

Blizzard must be employing a team of elite thieves to steal copies of WoW from people's houses.

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Meh. Stopped playing it long ago. Prefere Guild Wars, personally(greater complexity, better pvp, better combat, no monthly fee...) but oh well. It's great that people want to play online games:) PC is coming back in a major way;O

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How is WOW still selling? Isn't 7 million people playing it enough?