US Government Approves Call of Duty-Esque Exosuit

Sledgehammer Games says the move is a "big step forward" for further exoskeleton development.

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Some of what this fall's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare predicted would happen in the future is actually becoming a reality. The United States government's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now approved a Call of Duty-style exoskeleton that aims to help paraplegics walk again, and Sledgehammer Games has applauded the move.

"Research for the exoskeleton design in Call of Duty: ‪Advanced Warfare‬ began at our studio nearly three years ago. The team started seeing the advancements in prosthetics, both for military and civilian application, and imagined how this technology could aid the Tier 1 soldier of the future," Sledgehammer wrote on its Facebook page. "FDA approval of the exoskeleton is a big step towards further development of the exoskeleton."

The FDA's approval of the ReWalk exoskeleton means it is now available for the general consumer. The technology features a series of motorized joins at the knees and hips to help people walk again. The user wears a backpack that contains a power supply, and a wireless remote worn on the wrist allows you to command ReWalk to stand up, sit down, or walk.

"Innovative devices such as ReWalk go a long way towards helping individuals with spinal cord injuries gain some mobility," FDA director Christy Foreman said in a statement. "Along with physical therapy, training and assistance from a caregiver, these individuals may be able to use these devices to walk again in their homes and in their communities."

For more on the ReWalk exoskeleton, check out the video below from GameSpot sister company CBS News,

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which launches November 4 for consoles and PC, players wear an exosuit that gives them super-abilities like serious strength, increased dexterity, and more. You can see more about the exosuit and the game's other future tech in this video.

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