US DS Lite gets pink, onyx makeovers

Two new models set to break the monotone system's color barrier in mid-September as New Super Mario Bros. reaches sales milestone.


New Super Mario Bros.

While DS Lite consumers in Europe and Japan have had their choice of colors for the system almost since day one, American gamers have only been presented with the polar white version of the hardware so far.

That's set to change next month, as Nintendo today promised to add a little diversity to the marketplace. Starting September 13, the DS Lite will be available in onyx and coral pink. The onyx model (some would call it "black") has been available in the UK since the system's June launch, while a noble pink DS Lite arrived in Japanese stores in July.

Pink is apparently all the rage these days, as Sony has also embraced the color wholeheartedly. On Monday, Sony announced a pink PlayStation 2 to be released in Europe and followed that up with news of a pink PlayStation Portable for the continent yesterday. When it releases later this year, it will include a UMD of music videos, interviews, and music from chart-topping pop star Pink.

Nintendo also took the opportunity to announce that its summer DS hit, New Super Mario Bros., has now sold more than 1 million copies in the US alone.

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