US console sales charts: June 25-July 1

Gamers still love their brain training and Mario as DS duo remains on top; Naruto leads quartet of PS2 games in top 10.


It may be summer vacation for many gamers, but if the sales charts for the week of June 25 from online retailer are anything to go by, they still want to learn. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day remained on top of the sales charts for the second week in a row.

Right behind it was its partner in crime New Super Mario Bros., another staple of the top of the heap. Both DS games have been in the upper half of the charts for months, while the other spots have generally gone to new releases or discounted games.

The PlayStation 2 made a bit of a comeback last week, with newcomer Naruto: Ultimate Ninja debuting in the third slot. Football fans were still game-crazy with the PS2 editions of 2006 FIFA World Cup at number 4, NFL Head Coach at number 5, and FIFA Soccer 2006 at number 8.

Other console owners were also dealing with a severe case of World Cup fever. 2006 FIFA World Cup for the Xbox 360 and Xbox took the ninth and 10th slots, respectively, and FIFA Soccer 2006 hit the post of the top 10, ricocheting to 11th. The GameCube even got in on the action, with its version of FIFA Soccer 2006 sitting at number 16.

After a week off, the Xbox 360 made a return to the top 10 list with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (7) and Over G Fighters (8), and the aforementioned 2006 FIFA World Cup.

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yeah graw pwnz

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FIFA! I don't notice people actually played soccer video games. They are fun.

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Proof that casuals drive the market.

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meimnobody "They are starting to wonder if the PS3 will be a console version of the PSP with nothing but PS1 and PS2 ports and crap original games. " You mean what MS is doing with the 360? Nothing but Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube games on the 360 with some crap original titles that aren't worthy of the next-gen title.

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I cant beleve Over G made it to #7. I love the game but no one seems to give it good reviews.

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Whoa! What's with all the sports games??

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"And for all you who think the PSP is just ports (which is is probably a majority), I'd like you to look at the GBA, where a good deal of their games are ports of SNES and even games." Problem with that statement is, most (exluding Contra III and F-14 Tomcat, ick) GBA ports are ports of awesome games. The only port on the PSP that's even remotely decent is Ape Escape. And of course, you heard every one saying "ZOMG IT IZ TEH WIP OUT FUSHUN HAAAAAAAAAAAA OMG I M SUPAR SAYAN 21382137219376!!!1!!!onetwobucklemyshoe!1!!!11!!!!11!" when the PSP launched. I hate Wipeout. Almost as overrated as Gran Turismo, and all of it's monotonous sequels. The rest of your post is spot on, though.

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y2kern, are you joking or just a x-box fanboy? Yea, Microsoft does have a bunch of good games, but here's the problem, they games are more expensive than your multi-console or computer counterpart. Microsoft is coming to the point where they should realize that they can't have gaves on their system and on the PC. Their big games are going to be Dead Rising and Gears of War this year. And, to all you halo fanboys, Halo 3 will not be the killer of consoles, because for every Master Chief, there is about 75 Marios, Links, Kratos, Snake, etc. Microsoft needs to find another exclusive to get on their side. And GTA doesn't count as it is still multiplatform. Nintendo is no longer the kid's system it once was if you haven't left your cave in the past couple years. Nintendo has had some great games like Resident Evil 4 for the GC, and has tons of DS games as well as GBA games. The PSP games are getting better with games people want. The nw Metal Gear Solid should be pretty good and if they continue making the megaman games on it. And for all you who think the PSP is just ports (which is is probably a majority), I'd like you to look at the GBA, where a good deal of their games are ports of SNES and even games.

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go DS way better than my 360

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Where are all the gamecube and xbox games ???????????????

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prey sucks i just played it

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Erm i don't think you should be calling the whole of the UK fanboys, just coz were not "OMG TEH SUPAKOOL H4RC0R333!!"?"?!" gamers and dont waste our money on crappy handhelds! hell i only play me 360 or ps2 if im bored stupid why the hell am i gonna need a handheld?? if im out im obviously gonna be doin suming better than gaming! I buy PS2 coz it was cheap an had GTA on it an i buy 360 for halo an graw. Im not botherin wit ps3 coz i get GTA on 360 anyway an theres little diff between them same games and such...

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sweet. DS on top 2x!

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If you haven't actually played Brain Age, please keep your uneducated comments to yourself. It's actually pretty fun and addicting.

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Hey thanks Phantastic.

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I would love to see Walmart's sales chart. I would think that Wally World would sell more games than Best Buy.

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this is just bestbuy chart, why is this called US console chart?

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waiting for august releases...

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Cypher_187 - Well, let's see, on the main page of Over G Fighters, I notice that the genre is listed as "Jet Sim." I don't even have to play the game to know what I'm talking about. Futher evidence of accuracy, I look at the "Similar Games" section and GASP, Blazing Angels and Star Trek: Legacy. Blazing Angels is a WWII Flight Sim and Legacy is a Space Combat Sim, which loosely translates into a Space Flight Sim. Beginning to see a pattern here? Actually read the charts before accusing people of not knowing what they're talking about.

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xbox 360 nuff said

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the DS is doing well the ps2, an almost 7 years old console is the one with the best games, still on the charts, thats great lets wait for FFXII and GOW 2

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ha! not even 1 psp game made it on the list!

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I C I C , Very good then

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Some of you people are so ignorant and immature. Why are you people even looking at Bestbuy charts? There are real ones you know...those which include gamestop and EB games. That's where most gamers buy their games at. I haven't bought any game from bestbuy and i have many...believe me. There is still Circuit City, Toys r us, K mart, blockbuster, and some others. I'm pretty sure all these with gamestop and EB sell ALOT more than bestbuy alone. Gamespot is just lazy...and cheap.

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New Super Mario Bros is wicked. old-school meets new. hardly "crap". DS owns for a very good reason... excellent games. and it's gonna be the same success story with Wiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!

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haha, and u sont fools said the ds was gonna suck..but i agree the wii is gonna suck. that looks bad.

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I find it truly disturbing when an edutainment title is the summer's best-selling title (at least according to's numbers).

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DS is doing well everywhere just not as good in the UK shame cos i think if ppl in the UK stopped being fanboys and tried to DS they would like it i gave the PS2 and the PSP a chance but preferred the innovation od nintendo

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LOL, i gotta buy more DS games, only got 2!

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I've never played Brain Age, but it's apparently decent. People keep saying Best Buy is for casual gamers, but from what I know about Brain Age, it doesn't seem like a casual gamer's game. FIFA is only there because it has the EA logo on it, Winning Eleven is easily better.

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DS is king! psp sucks, all they do is straight ports from ps2... I already own a ps2 so why would i need a psp? GO DS!

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Well, this just goes to show you that people will buy any crap with the Nintendo name on it. And, who cares how well the XBox 360 sells in Japan. They'll buy anything there that's Japanese, no matter how crappy it is. I'm not so impressed by their so-called "brainpower".

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For those of you who don't know this Xbox is not liked that much in Japan or in asia for that matter. It doesn't have the support to sell well there. But any ways this artical was about game sales not the number of console sold. Read the whole artical before posting.

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phantastic91 though they arent accurate compared to but they are very close

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where is your proof for these stats? I think your full of it

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The gamecube has outsold the 360 in Japan for most of the 360s lifespan there. In fact the 360 is doing worse then the xbox did in Japan.

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When will mario die?! just drop dead allready!!

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360 is still on there go MS!!!!!

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Whoa whoa what??? GameCube systems sell more than Xbox 360, since when???? I'm not a fanboy or anything but I thought the GameCube was selling like crap, kills my thinking. Wow. I got both so it don't matter to me but I'm still shocked.

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Why would you use, that's where casuals shop, ofcoarse casual gamers are going to buy casual games.

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PS2 688,000 55,686,000 DS 643,000 8,195,000 GC 306,000 33,186,000 GBA 289,000 38,648,000 X360 289,000 2,984,000 XB 81,000 10,029,000 PSP 32,000 1,062,000 tahs how many software was sold for may the its the overall total

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Best doesn't decide who the winner is.

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Does anybody else think that "console sales charts" should be console sales numbers and not software sales numbers?

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Nice to see NSMB still up there. The DS has been doing awesome. :)