US console charts: September 11-17

The Force is strong with Lego Star Wars II as four versions take residence on's top-10 list; Brains nowhere to be found.


It takes a huge property to dominate sales charts in the game industry. This week, two behemoth licenses jumped into the sales battle to take on's top 10 list of best-selling games. Unfortunately for other games trying to get onto the list, both properties were in the same game.

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy bumped off a few top-10 list mainstays, sending all but two editions of Madden NFL 07 and Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day packing. The LucasArts game took four spots in the top 10, including the number one spot with the PlayStation 2 edition. The GameCube edition of Lego Star Wars II gave a rare appearance for the platform at number five, followed by the Xbox edition at six and the Xbox 360 version at eight.

Madden NFL 07 continued to show why it's an annual juggernaut, with its PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions landing in second and seventh, respectively.

The DS, which enjoyed outstanding sales this past spring and summer, had four games in the list. Star Fox Command led the charge in third, New Super Mario Bros. fell to fourth, Mario Kart DS slid to ninth, and Animal Crossing: Wild World placed 10th. As noted above, Brain Age failed to make the top 10 list.

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still haven't played lego star wars 2 yet

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to kungl: I want to fight you

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Sorry Brain Age

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Brainmckenna, I'm a Nintendo fan (fan, not deluded fanboy), GCN is even my favourite console this generation, with N64 being my favourite ever. But seriously, if you truly believe Mario Golf is better than Halo, even close to being a perfect game, then you truly are insane. Sorry, but you need some new games.

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I'm playing this game on the PSP and I honestly love it! I haven't played the the first one but this has gotten into me. It's addictive, light-hearted and involves a lot of lego style building, breaking and puzzle solving. The major setback is the camera view, also it should have included at least some contextual dialogues during cutscenes, but alas.. It's still a very nice game and I recommend it to anyone into such game, especially a SW fan.

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I played the first Lego SW and hated it, its designed for casual gamers. Funny to see the Xbox version over the 360 version, gamers arent so loyal to M$ so they wont upgrade. And stop complaining about the best buy list, every survey is a projection made of a small part of the total sales.

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to ryanduvall: I have every right to think that any person using MC as an icon has bad tastes in games because its one of the worst FPS ever created in my opinion. Not just the fact that its my own opinion but i believe i have every right to feel this way about Halo due to the fact of the wide array of FPS games that I have played and mastered. And if you read my blog on my full opinion of halo you should understand why I truely dont like the game, and hopefully realise my skill level in FPS gaming. I called him a nub because Halo is for nubs! I dont care how good people are at any GOOD FPS', if you play Halo your just brining your game down. BTW I am currently playing about 50 games on a regular basis. I hate everything about the xbox especially the controller which is a huge part of console gaming. I've played lots of xbox games and I found it very hard to stay interested in them for more than 15 minutes. Mario Golf on the other hand I can play all day for a few days because its actually a fun game made perfectly. As for you saying I have been exposed to a very narrow scope of gaming, well that just makes me laugh because you really have no idea of how big a gamer I really am. Im not even going to bother going any further with this-- OWNED!

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Sony owns the competition as usual....

Avatar image for mike360gl

well is anyone really surprised by lego star wars being there?

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Well, 4 ds games and a gamecube game is great. Lego star wars rocks by the way.

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Lego Starwars Is awesome, lucasarts makes some amazing games.

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To brainmckenna: Having MC as an Icon is proof that axes has excellent taste in gaming, and Although he(she?) may sound like a n00b, It doesnt at all make you one to have a halo Icon. Although I do agree with your ideas on The old nintendo systems, I cannot agree with your sentiments towards the xbox. If you can seriously not think of any xbox game you would rather play than mario golf, you have been exposed to a very narrow scope of gaming. I suggest you go out and play some games other than RE4 and mario golf. There are some truly amazing titles out there and I feel bad leaving you out of the fun.

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Okay take away the f***** Lego and football games and that's 4 Big N 0 Sony and Moneysoft what a shame. I wish you Sony fanboys would look at the fact that just because you have the top game that doesn't mean s***. I would like somebody to show me an actual first party Sony title... That's what I thought

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Well I still love Animal Crossing Wild World! I've been hooked since I got it! When's ACC 3 coming out anyway for wii ? :)

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lol just seeing the last 15 posts ive got to say...... you dont know what the f*** youre talking about you fanboys.... the xbox360 is new a successful (for its first year) and gamecube is a flop (in nintendos words) ps3 will flop (600$? how many people can afford that?? okay maybe 10 million but only 100,000 of those actually play video games.... and blu-ray is no different from dvd, eexcept better resolution... who cares.. hello new umd.....) the wii will be successful and the xbox 360 will continue to be successful as long as they stay traditional and more for adult gamers... x box sold like 30 million worldwide... ps2 like 100 million worldwide and game cube like 20 million......... like think... well they better than youre estemates.... (-1 million? heh!!!!)

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Basically all EA/Nintendo land.

Avatar image for PiPbOY0

omg omg no brain age? and pigs are flying over norway

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let this be an example to nintendo where are they least prominent...the UK or eruope so they need to start giving specuial things to europe and boosting the drive in europe im a Ninty fan from the UK and there are others just not many. the black ds was good but they need to give more

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As always, Nintendo dominates most of the chart. Even the GC is there.

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woah...mario kart

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ryo get your facts straight. Nintendo makes more game divsion wise then Sony does. Microsoft lost four billion on the original xbox. Nintendo could provide the graphics of the PS3 or Xbox 360 even make their next more console far more powerfull then either. But Nintendo sees the way the wind is blowing more and more people are being turned off by overpriced consoles who constantly hype graphics over gameplay. The Nintendo DS has crushed the psp even though Nintendo could have made the DS more powerfull then the psp and still keep the touchscreen. But guess what those graphics would have turned off people from trying the new Nintendo system.

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nintendo was in the gfx race.........unfortunatly they dont hav the money to face off against sony and microsoft, so the hav to change wat they do new gfx and gd gameplay need to go hand in hand, goldeneye lags wayy too much with 4 players lmao godovivel, uh yea more ppl hav current gen then nxt gen consoles and this trend wont change till a few years after all the nxt gen consoles are out........fud

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Hey AXES, old nintendo systems will be around alot longer than microsoft systems. For one thing they last physically longer and the gameplay doesnt really get old and thats because nintendo actually has games with good gameplay not just good graphics. I still play NES, SNES and N64 on a regular basis. You can't go wrong with mike tyson's punch out, contra, mario brothers, FF5, Harvest moon, goldeneye, mario 64, mario kart 64, perfect dark, and conkers bad fur day. And as for GC well i'd rather play RE4 or mario golf over any XBOX game! Unless you like showing off how big of a nub you are, you should really pick a new icon.

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blacktorn , you are right , microsoft should stop because ps3 will come strong and good , so we lost the game , lool , shut up there are only 6 milion xbox360 around the world compare to 100 milion ps2 , you think an xbox360 game should be first in spot? yes it shows the power of 360 not the weakness , then shut up @S%

Avatar image for blacktorn

omg only one 360 titles,IN AMERICA?Microsoft should back down out of the console market after the 360 flops,before they lose another billion $

Avatar image for godovivel

X360 is dead

Avatar image for Tesley

yes axes, about as many people as with xboxs (- 1 million or so)

Avatar image for faridmon

yeah and people say the Cube is dead, screw u all, the xbox version of LSW II sold less, you should be ashamed when u are talking about consoles these days. is it just me or is Nintendo have more spot than Sonyand Msoft.

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wow !!!! people still have GCs.HAHA.

Avatar image for chiefmegadeth

I love star wars but lego star wars no thanks I save my money for better xbox 360 games more mature games if you like it then cool!

Avatar image for JoePiervincenti

Nintendo DS rules! :)

Avatar image for Travis281

LEGO Star Wars is sweet.

Avatar image for ninjajuggalo810

im glad to see ds doing so well even after summer and everyone should stop complaing about the best buy charts they are valid and if you dont think so then you wont think any chart is valid so stop looking at these or shut up

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The GC version sold more than either the XBOX or the 360 versions! LOL!

Avatar image for blackIceJoe

Its a nice game so its nice to see it selling well.

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Avatar image for i_love_my_ds

4 spots on the list is a lot, the nearest systems are the 360 and ps2 with half that. and i wanna buy lego star wars II really bad, i never beat the 1st one.

Avatar image for d-suhiti

Hmmm, Lego on the charts, what's next??? Nuke Dukem Forever???

Avatar image for Leick3

I'll miss you brain age

Avatar image for strategyking92

holy **** a gamecube game actually made the charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for dexter111344

Wow. A week without Brain Age. This is a sad, sad day. Still, 4 out of 10 for DS. And they are all exclusives.

Avatar image for ElementalFire

I'd buy this game if they sold a Lego Star Wars I & II double-pack for $30.

Avatar image for nintendorocks

Get used to Lego Star Wars II. Your gonna see it alot. Yet I still don't see what people see in that game.....

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The things is that Lucas Arts does not care which console sold more, they wish they sold more on 360 because is the most expensive and last pc or ds, so who cares.They should place which games sold most indepently from console.

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New Super Mario brothers still sells well? Well that's a timeless classic

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In all honesty, it would be nice to have a fair and ACCURATE game sales tally for the United States. Gamespot seems to love Best-Buy (which is notorious for being a Microsoft Shill), while Next-Generation seems to trust Amazone (which is notorious for being...notorious?). Kudos to Best Buy, though...for simultaneously making me feel as though I'm walking through a giant billboard, yet still continuing to buy from a store that is in an ever-decreasing slide...

Avatar image for metdevthegamer

Best Buy shoppers still love the DS.

Avatar image for curtizio

Quite equal...

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