US Congressman Questioned Over $1,302 Steam Video Game Charges

Rep. Duncan Hunter says the charges occurred because of a mistake made by his son.


Representative Duncan Hunter has been known to defend video games and vape in the House of Representatives. And now, he may also become known for using campaign funds to purchase over $1,000 worth of games on Steam.

The Federal Election Commission is questioning Hunter about the 68 different charges. The congressman says they happened because of a mistake made by his son (via San Diego Union-Tribune). Hunter registered the $1,302 in charges on his 2015 campaign finance disclosure as "personal expense--to be paid back."

The expenses started on October 13 and ran to December 16, but no money was paid back during the report's time period.

According to the congressman's spokesperson, Hunter's son used his credit card to purchase a game on Steam, which was followed by several unauthorized charges. The spokesperson said Hunter is working on getting the charges reversed before he pays back the campaign account.

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The FEC sent a letter on Monday, which asked for an explanation for the expenses. It also said the FEC was seeking reimbursement. Hunter has until May 9 to respond to the letter.

Hunter has spoken in defense of violent video games in the past. In an opinion piece on Politico, he said the following:

"With fingers pointing in nearly every direction, video games are often, but wrongly, identified as a catalyst for violence.

The narrative that children and young adults today stare at television and computer screens, developing lethal skills through first-person gaming experiences, disingenuously portrays video games as having a corrosive influence. The problem with this rationale is that it conveys an image that America’s youth are incapable of discerning right from wrong, which simply is not true."

Hunter said that people should target parenting, not video games.

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