US Army Training on Steel Beasts?

The US Military Academy at West Point orders more than 1,000 copies of the tank simulation from Shrapnel Games.


Shrapnel Games announced that the United States Military Academy at West Point has ordered 1,040 copies of the tank simulation Steel Beasts. According to Shrapnel, this order indicates that the Department of Military Instruction Warfighting Center sees the educational use that the true-to-life tank simulation can provide. Shrapnel has had discussions with West Point representatives concerning the use of the game in the classroom. The use of electronic games in military training is not unheard of; back in March, it was announced that the US Army planned to use the squad-based action game Delta Force 2 in a training program.

Steel Beasts is a modern-day tank simulation that lets players control either the M1A1 Abrams or the Leopard 2A4 in realistic engagements against former Warsaw Pact forces. The game was released in September, and it includes modeling for artillery, smoke, minefields, and several other effects and units. In addition, the game features full multiplayer support and complete mission and map editors.

For more information about Steel Beasts, read our review of the game or download the playable demo. Steel Beasts is available for US$39.95 from the Shrapnel Games online store.

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