Uru: Ages Beyond Myst details

Ubi Soft releases new details on the next Myst game, which will have a full single-player game and the previously touted online subscription service.


Ubi Soft recently revealed that it had slightly changed the name of the next Myst game and announced that the game will feature a single-player adventure and a persistent online element. Ubi Soft today released some additional details on Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, which is in development at Cyan Worlds, the studio based in Spokane, Washington, that created Myst and Riven. Uru is said to represent a new generation of adventure games, as it will not only feature vast worlds to explore and puzzles to solve on your own, but it will also have a social dimension made possible by the Uru Live online service.

In Uru, players will explore and interact with carefully crafted 3D environments in and beyond the D'ni Empire. This underground empire dates back beyond the dawn of human civilization, and it practiced a technology known as the "Art of Writing" that created links to incredible alternate worlds called "Ages," only some of which appeared in previous Myst games. The D'ni civilization met with catastrophe some time ago, but its linking books survived. Uru will involve players in an intriguing new storyline and introduce them to surreal environments while gathering clues, solving puzzles, playing minigames, and unlocking new areas to investigate.

Uru Live is the optional new online service designed to be a home to Myst fans. A subscription isn't required to play the retail single-player game, but Uru Live subscribers will be able to join and create small neighborhoods, adventure with friends, and explore the sprawling D'ni city. Online communication will be facilitated by a built-in real-time voice chat feature.

"Uru is a revolutionary adventure game that takes the best qualities of the Myst franchise and makes them even better," said Rand Miller, founder of Cyan Worlds. "The single-player experience will eclipse the beauty, grandeur, and mind-challenging elements of previous titles. Plus, with the option to join a constantly updated online universe, the adventure never has to end. From new machines and puzzles to special events and entirely new Ages, players will find more to do, more to see, and more to explore each time they return--and this time, they can discover everything with old and new friends."

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst is scheduled for release this holiday season. The monthly pricing for Uru Live has not yet been announced. We'll have more on the game as details become available.

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